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This past winter and spring, my brother Michael hired me to help build out the expansion of his marketing and production firm, Ori Media (visit site). He had a grand vision to create a space that brought in the unique personality of NYC, while being able to make it feel inviting and comfortable. Essentially a place he could work, relax and entertain in.

I had designed the furniture for his production space, Studio Elevn (visit site) in 2012. Aside from the conference table, which incorporated a large resin insert, those pieces had a very industrial feel, having been made almost entirely of raw steel. It all turned out beautifully and has played a great role in the iconic aesthetic that makes the studio what it is.

The Ori Media office had two main features that needed to be carefully constructed; a glass and steel vestibule and the communal design studio. He wanted to warm things up a bit, so in order to do that, we kept the raw steel theme from Studio Elevn and added Walnut wood tops with a clear satin finish to the tables. Linseed Oil was used to coat and protect the steel, which also made it darker and  helped the furniture feel more alive.





general Office furniture





During the expansion of his business, Michael wanted to make sure all of the spaces were connected. The wall separating Studio Elevn from Ori Media was cut out next to a spiral staircase (one I designed in the original build out) that went downstairs to the Creative Commons and Studio B. The vision was to build out a large vestibule that would allow access to each business during office hours and keep them secure after. 

A large steel frame was built and large glass panels ordered for the walls. This allowed us to make use of a natural alcove that we built out as a storage unit hidden behind a rolling bookcase. It's as functional as it is eye catching.








Michael's studio and offices are built around the concept of community. The last thing he wanted was isolation among his team of collaborators. We decided to build a desk that would be permanent and modular to allow for growth or reconfiguration. There are three main units that are 4'x4' with a 4" channel that gives everyone access to power strips  and network cables without cluttering the desks. Each end is capped by 2'x4' desk. The legs of the desks were designed to lay flat side-by-side with an inner tapper for visual appeal. The feet are fitted for auto-leveling pads to keep the tops nice and flat. 

This was definitely a large project and one that came out better than imagined. Enjoy the photos and feel free to email me any questions or feedback. 

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